“As the amount of Arctic sea ice declines at an unprecedented rate, the thawing of offshore permafrost releases methane,” ( which “increase[s] climate impacts such as flooding, sea level rise, damage to agriculture and human health.” (

Research is underway into the impact of a naked flame.


“Plastic poses a serious threat to our marine wildlife as they can become entangled in waste or ingest items that do not break down easily … [with] potential for toxins to accumulate through the food chain and ultimately on to us.” (

Beware seafood that looks like it’s made of Lego bricks.


“The Woodland Trust in Wales (Coed Cadw) … is offering farmers and other landowners “pollinator packs” of 210 native trees specially selected to provide a food source for [bees and other pollinators].” (

No need to import bees (Aliens); grow your own. #BzzzzZZZZ#


The complex and controversial debate about reintroducing large predators snarls on: “wolves, bears and lynx sometimes kill livestock and pets, and also deer and wild boar that hunters like to shoot.” (

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ‘apex predator’ of them all?


“Wild male crickets act more aggressively in fights and put on flashier victory displays if other crickets are watching.” (

Don’t we all? Next time I win at conkers I shall turn to the crowd and shamelessly rub my legs against my freshly serrated shoulder blades.


“There’s no longer any reference to sustainable development in any part or stage of the [school] curriculum.” (

The last thing we want in the classroom of the future is any reference to sustainability or development.