“The Norway tests [on an Indian thorium-based reactor] at the OECD’s nuclear trials facility in Halden are conducted in a Bond-style underground bunker. … A garage door in a cliff face leads into a tunnel deep into the hill where the reactor hall lies.” (

Thorium in the Hall of the Mountain King sounds more like Star Trek scored by Edvard Grieg to me, but I like it.


“The winter sun for the first time reached the [Norwegian town of Rjukan’s] market square, thanks to three giant mirrors placed on a mountain.” (

Having just experienced our first power blackout of winter, I’m now saving up foil wrappers.


“For future healthy forests we need forests to have a wider range of native species growing there, so that all our eggs aren’t in one basket” regarding the threat from pests. (

However we must resist any pressure to plant GM species that make basket-weaving easier.


“A subsea cable – which would be 1,000km long and sunk to depths of 1,000 metres – could meet 1.5% of UK electricity demand … [from] the highly reliable potential energy in Iceland’s hydro dams.” (

Provided the cable can be constructed so as not to be susceptible to the marine equivalent of geese flying into it.


“Across the western world children spend less and less time outdoors. The generational shift to an indoor existence has been strongly linked to a sharp decline in children’s wellbeing. Cases of childhood obesity, depression and behavioural difficulties are at a record high.” (

Quick, bags the conkers and mud before kids get all the good stuff!


“An increase in demand for bags for life was expected in Wales following the introduction of the charge [for single-use plastic bags], as consumers got used to reusing their bags and purchased enough bags for life for their shopping needs. However, there is a potential risk that many consumers start treating a low-cost reusable plastic bag as a ‘throwaway bag’ and discard it prematurely.” (

Consumers who thus pervert the environmental purpose of the scheme are now required to place a reusable bag over their head before disposing of the contents.


“The RAC is warning motorists of the risk of driving through deep floodwater. … ‘While cars have improved significantly in technical terms in recent years they are still not waterproof and will break down if they are driven through deep water.'” (

The ministry for stating the bleeding obvious added the reminder that humans are not amphibious.


“The emerald ash borer … beetles’ larvae feed on the surface layers of the wood of [the ash] tree, cutting off vital supplies of nutrients and water, causing branches and eventually the whole tree to die.” (

The European ash may be bored to death.


“Vaccination does not disrupt social structure … the social network in badgers – where relatively few individuals might be responsible for disease spread – lends itself to vaccination and could lead quite rapidly to herd immunity.” (

Now we now that badgers use social networking, there’s no need even for an anti-virus. Simply apply a global ‘unfriend’ to those with TB. Problem solved.