5 responses to “Chemystery

  1. You’re back! 🙂 This post is great in the fact that they have evidence that these chemicals and toxins are making their way into the food chain and the entire ecosystem. You should put this in the Community Pool to get more exposure for the topic. Welcome back!

    • Thank you so much for the welcome! You’re the only blogger I follow who’s posted the last few weeks so well done you. Community Pool, hmm?… How well do you find it works for you?

      • I get 10-20 views and visitors from it on Sundays, then about the same amount on Mondays too. Recently I’ve been encouraging people to comment, and I even say on a post or inside my blog, to encourage conversations and meeting other/new bloggers. Most of them are “new” to the whole concept so they comment from the “pool” page, but I pick up about 2 followers a week and meet and maintain a friendship with a few of them on/off per month. It’s far from a landslide by any means but it helps get out there and meet new bloggers.

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