“It would be appropriate for a replacement [biodiversity offset] site to be ‘about an hour away by car.'” (

And to sit upon a decommissioned landfill site.



“The team was originally conducting a trial of different types of ‘fyke nets’ – a type of trap anchored to the river bed – that would allow invasive Chinese mitten crabs to be harvested while allowing endangered eels to escape. But they spent so long clearing plastic rubbish from the nets that they thought this alone merited further study.” (

Sometimes you can’t see the crabs for the crap. Sometimes you can’t see the wool or the eels.


“Food businesses producing more than 50kg of food waste each week must present it for separate collection, unless they are in a rural area.” (

This ties in with the new year Zero Waist Scotland policy.


“Experts estimate that fishing subsidies equivalent to tens of billions of dollars are still used annually in the fisheries sector without attention to their impacts on sustainability. … With so many fisheries already stretched past sustainable limits, and with a billion people depending on fish for their food security, subsidies that deplete fish stocks are a form of madness.” (


Global Weaving

“No amount of fact and rational argument will win the case on climate change.” (

Persuasion needs people to be spellbound*.

*Or entertained by terribly amusing quips with a subversive agenda. You spotted that, right?