“83% [of respondents to WWF-UK’s poll] believe that we’re currently using more natural resources than our planet can replenish.” (

83% of too much = too much. Happy Earth Hour.


“While the competitiveness concerns linked to the UK carbon floor price are understandable, the Government’s decision to freeze the floor price, combined with other recent policy decisions, is improving the economic outlook for the UK’s polluting coal power stations.” (

Procrastination over the frozen floor is skating on thinning ice.


“Top 10 discarded items [in woods]: Pornography – fitted kitchen – car tyres – sofa – mattress – asbestos – caravan – burnt out car – horse manure – animal carcasses – chemical waste” (

If you go down to the woods today…


“That [reindeer] also avoid [power lines] during the day, when UV light is everywhere, is puzzling, and it isn’t clear why they should want to avoid the discharges anyway.” (

Perhaps for the same reason humans put signs on pylons: danger of death.


“An over-sympathy for the [coal] industry to date in Scotland has led to a culture of light touch regulation.” (

For the environment that’s ‘light touch paper and stand well back’ regulation.


“Natural England, which licences the culls under terms dictated by government, has already received dozens of applications for culls, should more be allowed.” (

In addition to badgers, applicants are requesting to cull cattle and politicians.


“Wildlife experts have saved the life of an endangered right whale which had 280 feet of fishing rope caught in its mouth.” (

An altogether wrong illustration of the expression ‘hanging a right’.