“Ministers intend to change the trespass law that allows owners to refuse permission for drilling under their land, despite opposition from three-quarters of the public.” (

Subsidies for frackers; subsidence for residents.


“The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) is due to decide in days whether to grant control of .eco to [a] coalition.” (

Get ready for… I probably won’t bother with

“Other bids, by taxi drivers and tennis associations, had failed because of the scoring system.”

Perhaps trying to get one over .net was too ambitious.


“Of 22 sites surveyed in 2013, this farm had more pairs of waders than any other. With 80 pairs in total, numbers of farmland waders were high enough for the farm to be regarded as a key wader site.” (

A similar survey is tracking the haunts of regular wellington boots.


“Salt water and sunlight can yield food and clean water in a self-sustaining cycle. … One cubic metre of fog can contain up to 0.5 grams of liquid water, and harvesting it is relatively easy.” (

Ingenious careers in aquatic abstraction: sea sweating and fog wringing.


Crayfish “are more comfortable in darker water. After giving [them] a series of mild electric shocks … [they] hardly entered the lit paths of the aquarium at all. … The creatures responded positively to chlordiazepoxide (CDZ), a drug used to treat anxiety in humans. Treated crustaceans lost their nerves” (

Stunning and chilling.


“The number of badgers killed in the TVR [test-vaccinate/remove] approach is likely to be low, as there are limits to the numbers of badgers that will be trapped and found to be infected, and only around half (49%) of infected badgers test positive for the disease [bovine tuberculosis].” (

49% accuracy being an improvement on indiscriminate culls.