Mare or Less

“New legislation states that those boats which bring social and economic benefits to local communities, without damaging the marine environment, should have more opportunities to fish than others … to reward our ‘best’ fishermen, who have the least environmental impact.” (

Boats that remain in port will receive unlimited quotas to fish the Sea of Tranquility.


“Two days after the April 20, 2010 explosion that killed 11 and injured 16, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig sank. During the five months it took to seal the Macondo well 1,500 meters below the surface, nearly 5 million barrels of oil gushed into the ocean. … Researchers [have now] reported the first solid evidence that some of this oil settled on the seafloor.” (

A rare opportunity to see the effect of waxing the seafloor.

El Miño

“Children in areas apparently hardest hit by floods were 4 cm (1.6 inches) shorter than normal by the age of 10. Stunting has been linked with decreased mental and physical capacity in later life.” (

Climate change: it’s sink or shrink.


“Activists hijack Pepsi’s new product launch on Amazon over deforestation… ‘Pepsi could be a leader in sustainability, could rise above its competitors and do the right thing, but instead it has relied on half measures’.” (

A full measure of your finest unsustainable palm oil, and make it sparkly!

Global warning

“Officials in San Francisco and Berkeley are considering … [a] move to require warnings about climate change to be placed at gas pumps at filling stations.” (

Petrol can seriously damage your health.


“The dumps and waste burn-offs, blamed for abnormal levels of cancers and other diseases among local residents, have been a lucrative source of income for the Naples mafia, known as the Camorra.” (

Where there’s muck…