“Grey snapper [fish] larvae are acoustically active during the night. … The larvae produce ‘knock’ and ‘growl’ sounds similar to the adults. … However, exactly how they produce these sounds and any other functions they may provide are still unknown.” (

Further research is needed to confirm that the full acoustic range of these fish is in fact ‘snap, crackle, pop’.


“Federal land managers were required to determine where on the country‚Äôs vast forests snow machines could travel without harming or destroying natural resources like rivers or wildlife like imperiled Canada lynx that are dependent on undisturbed winter landscapes.” (

Unfortunately the way markers were obscured by snow.


“The blue whale song is so loud, and the ship’s equipment so advanced, the scientist should be able to start tracking the whales not long after leaving port.” (

Tune in to Radio Whales.


South Africa has “moved around 100 rhinos to unspecified neighboring states as part of efforts to stem the illicit slaughter of the animals for their horns. … For security reasons, the precise countries where the rhinos had been moved would not be named.” (

Where do you hide a rhino? Well away from dark horners.

Billionding Obvious

“Europe could have saved itself $100 billion by installing solar power panels in sunnier countries and wind turbines in windier places,” reported the World Economic Forum. (

How much did the report cost?


“One of the advantages the fossils still have over renewables is capital.” (

An apposite label for geologically embedded industry representatives embracing the erosion and ultimate extinction of their energy market share like a continent welcoming drift.


“After years of investigations into the big supermarkets using their muscle to squeeze farming suppliers, … frequent sharp and unpredictable rises and falls in milk price are driving dairy farmers out of business every week.” (

A supermarket representative resolved to squeeze them till the teats squeak.