Renewable Rage

“There was no direct evidence that exposure to wind farms affects someone’s physical or mental health directly. … There was evidence that people were more likely to be annoyed, particularly annoyed about wind farms, when they were close to them, and we do know that being annoyed, long periods of being annoyed, can lead to stress, and we know stress can lead to …” (

… gabbling.


6 responses to “Renewable Rage

    • Hence the satire. It didn’t contribute to developing the technology or improving the planning processes so that we can get the renewable energy we need without damaging the environment or ourselves. Thanks for your comment.

        • That’s decent of you, cheers, and no problem. It’s an emotive topic, especially when these projects are done poorly. I think turbines should not be planted on remote, pristine wilderness, but nor should the massive ones be right beside people. The technology needs much refining for local generation and I’m watching the vertical axis ones with interest. What are your thoughts?

          • I think that they are environmentally damaging wherever they’re put. I realise that we need to find alternative energy sources. My personal preference is thorium reactors because they don’t pump out carbon dioxide, they can burn up much of our existing uranium waste as fuel for the power station, and the thorium waste degrades very quickly so doesn’t leave a long term waste problem.

            • I’ve not seen much about Thorium reactors and imagined the technology was a way off yet, but just as important to keep exploring. Surely we want to invest in something that sounds like Star Trek?! Thanks for the prompt.

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