Hare Cut

“Mountain hares are now routinely culled on a large scale on many grouse moors in Scotland. This practice has developed relatively recently in the belief that it protects red grouse against the tick-borne louping ill virus, despite the lack of scientific evidence to support this claim.” (http://scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk/article/scottish-wildlife-organisations-call-to-ban-mountain-hare-cull/)

Head keeper grouses about hare loss.

5 responses to “Hare Cut

  1. Forget any discussion about science. These people are always looking for an excuse to kill. If you disproved tick-borne virus, they’d think of something else.
    Here’s a piece of trust-worthy science: spread the word: desire to cull innocent creatures is inversely proportional to penis size.

    • That explains it! And the female shooters too 🙂 After researching Cull the Killing, I concluded that shooters must have a drastically different worldview to me. I couldn’t find even one rationale for why they shoot — and I really wanted to find one! If they can’t engage with us on this I think their ‘sport’ will increasingly become eroded as our sense of morality evolves without them. And they’ve failed to control deer numbers! Many thanks for your comment.

      • Sport my bottom! It would be sport if the grouse and deer were armed too. Now that would be worth watching. You could sell tickets to a cull of chinless wonders.

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