“In reaction to pressure on [milk] price, some farming leaders are encouraging a move to intensive dairy farming; keeping cows indoors all year, in so-called zero-grazing units or mega-dairies.” (

When the price slump is a result of reduced global demand, producing more is radical logic. Perhaps it needs more weedkiller

3 responses to “Bovindoors

  1. The end of cows’ milk quotas in the CAP has resulted in an *increase* in cows’ milk production. There appears to be a chase to the bottom in terms of prices in the first step in a free market economy. When thousands of dairy farmers have been put out of business by this then production ought to fall to consumption levels and prices should rise. However, the dairy farmers just want continual subsidies for their cows to produce more milk than will ever be consumed *and* they want government price controls to stop prices from falling.

    • Thank you for more thought/rant-provoking commentary 🙂
      Problem 1: treating cows as commodities to be (literally) squeezed for ever increasing output.
      Problem 2: intensive farming means intensive disease and intensive medication, and later intensive effluent.
      Problem 3: cows allowed outside guzzle weedkiller; cows kept inside guzzle human food.
      Result: ethical consumers cease being brain-milked by the dairy industry, desert pus-filled milk products and lose sympathy for whinging farmers.
      (Disclaimer: organic farmers are thoroughly decent folks and entirely exempt from my sweeping generalisations.)

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