“The trees appeared to have died suddenly. … Drill holes at the base of the trees [indicated] that a poison – most likely glyphosate – had been poured into these holes.” (http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blogs/woodland-trust/2015/07/trees-poisoned-in-lancashire-woodland/)

Monsanto’s glyphosate: now the poison of choice for arboricidal maniacs already intoxicated by drinking too much milk.

3 responses to “Die-phosate

    • Thanks for your comment. I had just lifted the quote from the Woodland Trust website. There is no update to say if they analysed the dead trees to find out which poison was used. As you say you usually don’t use herbicides, are you concerned about glyphosate residue in the soil being taken up into your almond trees?

  1. I used glyphosate just once and do not plan to use it any more. I was just to kill tricky perennial plants. I used that just once and at a low rate. In dry farming, cultivation is very important and keeps weeds away. You are also right that I do not want to have residues.

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