“It is now eight months since Scottish Natural Heritage delivered its Beavers in Scotland report to the Scottish Government, outlining four possible future scenarios for the beaver in Scotland. We are firmly of the view, supported by extensive scientific evidence, that beavers will be a key asset to Scotland and are now urging the Scottish Government not to delay any longer in making a positive decision on the restoration of this species to Scotland. …
The decision has now become urgent as animals are currently being indiscriminately culled on Tayside.” (

All this waiting, it really gnaws at you.

Please sign the petition asking Environment Minister Aileen McLeod MSP to act and stop beavers being shot.

Please sign the petition asking the Scottish Government to make an urgent decision about the legal status of the European beaver in Scotland.

Monkey’s Log

“As populations of larger mammal species like tapirs and monkeys decline due to hunting, the carbon content of the forest goes down.
Large mammal species play a vital role in dispersing large-seeded trees associated with high wood density. … Dense-wooded, large-seeded Amazonian tree species are replaced by light-wooded trees that produce smaller seeds, which continue to be dispersed in overhunted forests by more resilient smaller mammal and bird species.” (

Forests need more logs.

Unclear Nuclear

“When Hinkley [Point C, a planned new nuclear plant in Somerset, England] was first announced, we were told that electricity generated by the power station would be ‘cooking Christmas turkeys by 2017’.” (

Not conventionally, of course, just any within a 100 mile radius.

Please sign Greenpeace’s petition asking Chancellor George Osborne not to waste £billions on this deeply flawed nuclear power project.

Opportunity Wind Blow

“While offshore wind is still favoured by ministers, the blow to onshore wind – which is much cheaper, and when carbon emissions are taken into consideration is cheaper than traditional fossil-fuel forms of generation – has been a cause of concern to wind investors.” (

UK government may have misunderstood which sort of blow windfarms need.


“Successive UK governments exploited whatever loophole they could find [in the EU’s 1976 Bathing Water Directive], and continued to pump untreated sewage into our ocean until 1998, longer than any other European country.
With much of the Brexit camp promising victory parties lit by bonfires of so called ‘red tape’…” (

…one can only hope the burning tape releases noxious gas.