“The [European Parliament] resolution additionally demands strict limits on ‘pre-harvest’ applications [of glyphosate] on crops, with a strong recital calling such uses ‘unacceptable’. This refers to the practice of spraying crops up to two weeks before harvest to ‘dessicate’ the plants and make havesting easier.
Pre-harvest application of glyphosate is a clear route for human exposure to glyphosate via the harvested crop.” (

Surely this is alimentary reasoning.


“Promote a co-ordinated approach to Trap-Neuter (vaccinate) and Release (TNR) of feral cats in priority areas.” (, page 8)

“Any individuals which are obviously feral domestic cats, non-native or unfit for release will bedispatched according to standard predator control practices, by the land manager, as per estate norms. Dispatch with a 12 bore shotgun using number three shot (lead shot not to be used overforeshore or wetlands), positioned 5m from the trap, aiming at the head and front of shoulder, is recommended.” (, page 21, last para)

(See for discussion.)

Spot the difference. Spot the involvement of land managers.

Corporate Climate Change

“Exxon now insists it accepts climate science and doesn’t promote denial of the changes to the planet already under way.” (

It does promote its products, however, which promote climate change.

The Gaffe of Grouse

“Tim Baynes, director of the Gift of Grouse campaign, said: ‘Burning heather is the same as getting your hair cut.'” (

“Yes, I always look forward to visiting the hairdresser to have my hair doused with a fire accelerant and then lit with a blow torch.” (

Forests are like hippies who have let themselves go and will never amount to anything.