Breaching the Law

“The process of manoeuvring a small boat with view to ‘herd’ dolphins is considered a breach of the Faroese animal welfare law. This is exactly what the Faroese boats do when they herd pods of pilot whales onto the killing beaches to be slaughtered.”

Thankfully Britain doesn’t have such nonsensical double-standards with regard to wildlife.
Natural England now issues licences to kill native, protected buzzards so there can be a few more on top of the millions of non-native pheasants to be shot –
The Scottish Government has decided that once-native, reintroduced beavers can stay (very welcome news) but further reintroductions must be licensed while non-native pheasant are released in their millions to be shot –
The killing industry doesn’t seem to observe national boundaries.

2 responses to “Breaching the Law

  1. Fascinates me how pheasants are deemed to be livestock when being reared, when released they are deemed to be wild.

    Call me a skeptic but is that so their owners avoid insurance payouts to motorists?

    Then at the end of the season if the keepers collect them up then they become livestock again.

    A rural practice ripe for reform? Wonder why the likes of the AA & RAC haven’t pushed for reform alongside the insurance companies?

    • Ha! Surely there couldn’t be any legal or financial convenience to that ‘adjustment’? Thanks for that; yet more suspicious behaviour for the evidence file.

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