Square meal

“Free range chickens are allowed a square metre each.” https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jul/17/close-to-the-sheds-the-smell-is-overpowering-inside-a-herefordshire-mega-farm

250 laps is a whole kilometre!

2 responses to “Square meal

  1. Based no doubt on some kind of scientific dribble biased in favour of big business slick pr?

    Can we test the pro-rata area on those who sign these kinds of approvals off?

    Free range eggs, clue : “eggs”. Now maybe me, but should we be talking “free range HENS”

    • Thanks for that laugh 🙂
      I love the idea of allocating living space to the ‘nature delivers infinite growth’ economists according to that theory…or maybe that’s how soul-sucking desk cubicles came about?
      There must be a joke in there… Why did the chicken cross its square metre? Because the eggs were free range… Er, aye, I’ll just stick to posting half-baked whinges.

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