School Badge

“Nearly 200 people have tested positive for a tuberculosis infection following an outbreak at a school in Devon.” (

Clearly more badgers must be culled.


The National Farmers Union remains “committed to seeing badger culling rolled out to other areas where TB is endemic to help control and eradicate this terrible disease, which continues to devastate the lives of farming families.” (

Implying that ‘farming families’ include cattle or that farmers catch bovine TB only fuels a stereotype.


“The number of badgers killed in the TVR [test-vaccinate/remove] approach is likely to be low, as there are limits to the numbers of badgers that will be trapped and found to be infected, and only around half (49%) of infected badgers test positive for the disease [bovine tuberculosis].” (

49% accuracy being an improvement on indiscriminate culls.


“Natural England, which licences the culls under terms dictated by government, has already received dozens of applications for culls, should more be allowed.” (

In addition to badgers, applicants are requesting to cull cattle and politicians.


“Vaccination does not disrupt social structure … the social network in badgers – where relatively few individuals might be responsible for disease spread – lends itself to vaccination and could lead quite rapidly to herd immunity.” (

Now we now that badgers use social networking, there’s no need even for an anti-virus. Simply apply a global ‘unfriend’ to those with TB. Problem solved.


“The badgers are moving the goalposts. You are dealing with a wild animal, subject to the vagaries of weather, disease and breeding patterns.” (

You’re saying only a fool would try to ‘control’ them?