Grizzly Bare

“Native American tribes said on Friday they oppose U.S. government plans to strip grizzly bears in the Yellowstone National Park area.” (

Thankfully Yogi keeps his hat and tie on.

Bear glut

“Eighty-seven percent of respondents agreed that people who live in traditional bear territory have a responsibility to use bear-proof garbage cans.” (

The other thirteen percent said they would rather eat scraps from a garden table than out the bin.


Pay close attention: “the reintroduction of predatory wolves [is linked] with a fall in over-browsing by elk … the number of berries measured in bear droppings has doubled as elk numbers have decreased, following the wolves’ return … berry shrubs have increased since elk populations declined, and as shrubs recover from over-browsing the fruit consumption of bears has increased … elk calves are an important food source for grizzly bears … [bears’] other spring food source, cutthroat trout, is also in decline.” (

Got that? Now draw it.


The complex and controversial debate about reintroducing large predators snarls on: “wolves, bears and lynx sometimes kill livestock and pets, and also deer and wild boar that hunters like to shoot.” (

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ‘apex predator’ of them all?