“A single family of beavers removed high levels of sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus from water that flowed through a 2.5 hectare enclosure in Devon. … The dams had trapped more than 100 tonnes of sediment, 70 per cent of which was soil, which had eroded from ‘intensively managed grassland’ fields upstream.” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2018/05/09/beavers-reduce-river-pollution-building-dams-study-shows/

“The UK nuclear industry is also grappling with spiralling decommissioning costs, with the head of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority this week suggesting leaving behind ‘industrial clutter in a few places’ as a way of saving money – and Government has agreed, issuing a consultation on lowering standards of decommissioning.” https://unearthed.greenpeace.org/2018/05/09/government-says-it-could-put-nuclear-waste-dump-under-national-parks/

Someone, somewhere in the UK government, is pondering whether to grant (once native before being hunted to extinction by us) beavers ‘resident’ status in England on condition they sort our nuclear mess.

Circular Environomy

“The Scottish Government needs to now identify areas where new [beaver] colonies can be released. When I say new, some of these might be ‘recycled’ animals from the Tayside population.” http://markavery.info/2016/11/28/guest-blog-beavers-uk-jonny-hughes/

Reincarnating persecuted wildlife species could come back to haunt us.


“It is now eight months since Scottish Natural Heritage delivered its Beavers in Scotland report to the Scottish Government, outlining four possible future scenarios for the beaver in Scotland. We are firmly of the view, supported by extensive scientific evidence, that beavers will be a key asset to Scotland and are now urging the Scottish Government not to delay any longer in making a positive decision on the restoration of this species to Scotland. …
The decision has now become urgent as animals are currently being indiscriminately culled on Tayside.” (http://scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk/article/position-statement-the-future-of-beavers-in-scotland/)

All this waiting, it really gnaws at you.

Please sign the petition asking Environment Minister Aileen McLeod MSP to act and stop beavers being shot.

Please sign the petition asking the Scottish Government to make an urgent decision about the legal status of the European beaver in Scotland.


“The same low-ground farmers who suffer most from the impacts of beavers are also the ones that are responsible for the many negative environmental impacts caused by intensive agriculture, such as topsoil depletion.” (http://www.theecologist.org/blogs_and_comments/commentators/2986564/scotlands_wild_beaver_shoot_to_kill_policy_is_illegal_and_wrong.html)

Those with depleted topsoil often make low-ground decisions.

Please sign the petition to save the free beavers of Scotland.