“The emerald ash borer … beetles’ larvae feed on the surface layers of the wood of [the ash] tree, cutting off vital supplies of nutrients and water, causing branches and eventually the whole tree to die.” (

The European ash may be bored to death.


“When atmospheric pressure was dropping rapidly, the male beetles became much less responsive to female pheromones.” (

And yet smut* flourishes in a moist climate**.

*The fungal disease of grains.
**I apologise; it’s raining.


“The more forest grew on and near a coffee farm, the more birds the farm had, and the lower its infestation rates [and] damage by a devastating coffee pest, the coffee berry borer beetle.” (

The more trees grew, tiddly pom,
The more birds flew, tiddly pom,
The pests that chew, tiddly pom,
Got fewer.