“When atmospheric pressure was dropping rapidly, the male beetles became much less responsive to female pheromones.” (

And yet smut* flourishes in a moist climate**.

*The fungal disease of grains.
**I apologise; it’s raining.


“Gears are not the only mechanical solutions that were long thought to be unique to human engineering and then found to have been mastered by evolution [the plant hopper Issus coleoptratus has rounded joints that connect its hind legs with a series of tiny intermeshing teeth like cogs]. The screw-and-nut system is another example … in the legs of a weevil beetle. … Honeybees ‘couple the movement of both wings to stabilize their flight by using pegs … like Velcro.'” (

(Human) Narcissity is Mother Nature’s invention.


“We need to be patient in other aspects of the recovery of these species such as the focus on why these birds [whooping cranes] have trouble reproducing in the wild … That may need to be learnt as well.” (

Vacancy advertisement for sex therapist states essential attributes as long legs and whooping.


“Tempers flare as temperatures rise … Small changes in temperature and rainfall substantially raise the risk of conflict of many types, from interpersonal spats … to full-blown civil war and societal collapse” (

Spat power will be harnessed via elaborate Searlesque contraptions in an effort to sustainably supply societal collapse.