“Carbon reserves were becoming more concentrated at the top as fossil fuel companies struggling with slumps in coal and oil markets merged. … Investors who dumped their fossil fuel holdings over the past five years actually earned 1.2% a year more than those remaining in coal, oil and gas.” (

Fossil fuel dumps and coal and oil slumps
Give billionaires grumps as their gravy gets lumps.



“Janusz Mackowiak, a moustachioed former MP for Poland’s Agricultural party … Brussels has traditionally faced two ways on Polish fossil fuels projects.” (

Janus – Roman god of doorways, beginnings, and of the rising and setting of the sun, usually depicted with two bearded faces back to back, looking in opposite directions.
Happy New Year.


“Acidification of seawater is especially harmful to coral reefs and shells but, as scientists have been learning in recent years, its impacts are also far more subtle, changing the homing instincts of fish and even their ability to detect predators.” (

Pesky predators pick a peck of pickled pisces.


“Some have estimated that tinkering with Rubisco [the enzyme responsible for converting carbon dioxide into sugar] and ways to boost the concentration of carbon dioxide around it could generate up to a 60% increase in the yields of crops such as rice and wheat.” (

Tinkering: the watchword of genetic modification.


“Brachiaria grasses have been found to inhibit the release of nitrous oxide [largely from livestock production], which has a more powerful [climate] warming effect than carbon dioxide or methane … [However] the extra productivity could provide an additional economic incentive for the clearance of forests and – as with all monocultures – the proposed expansion of brachiaria pastureland poses a challenge to biodiversity.” (

Whatever, so long as we can keep eating our horseburgers.


“As oceans absorb CO2 from the air, their pH level falls gradually. Under the rapid escalation of greenhouse gas emissions, ocean acidification is gathering pace and many forms of marine life – especially species that build calcium-based shells – are under threat.” (

Are we prepared to treat planet-scale acid reflux?