“Plastic used in the consumer goods industry causes marine pollution … Much of the plastic waste ends up in mid-ocean whirlpools, entangling whales, birds and turtles and damaging the internal organs of the fish that ingest it. … Adidas said it would … develop fibres made from recycled ocean waste for use in its clothing.” (

Consumers were horrified at this shameless attempt to make them rewear their clothes.

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“You might not have heard of dissolving pulp, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t connected to it. … 100 million trees are cut down every year to make dissolving pulp that is destined for a second life as a piece of clothing. … Demand for dissolving pulp is driven by demand for viscose fibre … [and] demand for viscous fiber in China is expected to continue growing.” (

Dual-state cellulose, one minute thick and sticky, the next unravelling on you, is a crime of fashion.