“Bees’ hairs are highly sensitive to flowers’ delicate EMFs [electromagnetic fields]. In controlled trials in Switzerland, bees reacted to mobile-phone signals with high-pitched ‘piping’: a cue to desert a hive.” (

Mobile phone manufacturers have been quick to add to their products’ features list ‘insect repellent’.

Climate Fear

“In the case of climate communications there is strong evidence that messages dependent on anticipatory fear are often rejected. Those disposed to believe them may actively ignore them in order to defend themselves against anxiety.” (

We’re more afraid of our fear of climate change than of climate change itself.
Somewhere in that suicidally neurotic irony must lie a strategy… Or at least the word ‘ridiculous’. (‘Ridiculous clinatey’ for anagram fans, and I shall figure out what ‘clinatey’ means; it could be the key to all this…)

Global Weaving

“No amount of fact and rational argument will win the case on climate change.” (

Persuasion needs people to be spellbound*.

*Or entertained by terribly amusing quips with a subversive agenda. You spotted that, right?