Closing the Net

“Pollution in the womb is now linked to low birth weight, disruption of the baby’s lung and brain development, and a series of debilitating and fatal diseases in later life. …
Three times as many deaths are caused by pollution as by Aids, malaria and tuberculosis combined.”

Fortunately pollution does not yet directly affect political decision-makers.

Bison Bite

“While the rapid deaths and other symptoms shown in the mostly female bison that died at Fort Belknap were suggestive of anthrax, it was premature to sound an alarm … The reservation’s bison manager was out sick on Thursday and could not be reached for comment.” (

These circumstances are in no way connected.


“It is not in a farmer’s interest to have high farm mortality as it clearly impacts on the farms’ profitability.” (

The commodification of creatures always guarantees welfare, just like the Gulag.