Hole in Wood

“On average, each of us [in the UK] consumes just under a tonne of timber a year. Anything from 10 to 20% of that could be illegal depending on where it’s coming from, … due to some nonsense loopholes.” (http://www.wwf.org.uk/how_you_can_help/campaign_with_us/forest_campaign/)

Which wood is full of holes? For some Friday fun, take WWF’s Loopy Loopholes 5-question quiz – then take action.


“Activists hijack Pepsi’s new product launch on Amazon over deforestation… ‘Pepsi could be a leader in sustainability, could rise above its competitors and do the right thing, but instead it has relied on half measures’.” (http://news.mongabay.com/2014/1120-pepsi-true-palm-oil.html#sthash.MP9SvURr.dpbs)

A full measure of your finest unsustainable palm oil, and make it sparkly!


“Agricultural giant Cargill, America’s largest palm oil importer, will no longer buy palm oil from sources associated with deforestation, conversion of peatlands, and social conflict. … The company added that it may cut off suppliers who don’t comply with its policy.” (http://news.mongabay.com/2014/0730-cargill-palm-oil-policy.html)

Suppliers who don’t adhere may find themselves on a slippery slope.


Although “the thermophilisation [dominance of warm-adapted species] of vegetation was lowest in forests where canopies had become denser,” (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-24761801) increasing their resilience to climate change, the quiet abandonment of government grants points to “England [slipping] into a period of deforestation as trees and woods come under growing threats from disease and development like never before.” (http://www.woodlandtrust.presscentre.com/News-Releases/Government-sleepwalking-into-an-era-where-England-s-woods-may-start-to-shrink-f99.aspx)

Presumably an awareness campaign for ‘dust glue’ will follow.