“Photographs taken during fieldwork off Lewis, Scotland between 2010 and 2014 show three ‘atypical’ dolphins with mixed physical characteristics, suggesting that bottlenose dolphins in the area and resident Risso’s dolphins have been mating.” (

A new Cross Bred Monster.


“Sailors and crews of boats using Inverness ity harbour and marina, and the Kessock Channel, [are asked] to proceed with caution and not to seek out a baby dolphin born in recent days.” (

Invernessity has the mother dol-phinvention.


Sonic cannon “exploration by [US] energy companies [will] expose whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife, such as turtles, to extreme levels of noise pollution under the water. The sonic cannons can fire pulses of sound 100 times louder than a jet engine through the water and down to the ocean floor.” (

It’s akin to a whale waving a class 4 laser in your building – you know, the ones which bounce off any surface and all you are aware of is a high pitched shriek as your eyeballs boil.


“Two of the Wild Dolphin sculptures that have taken over the streets of Aberdeen in Scotland have been removed for repairs after being vandalised. … Both [were] forced from their plinths overnight and found abandoned nearby.” (

The perpetrators slurred “freedom!” as they tried to liberate the creatures before deciding the North Sea was too far away.


“Ukraine’s military leaders have requested that Russia return ‘its’ dolphins, which fell into Russian hands when Crimea was annexed back in March.” (

The handover will be made on the Glienicke Bridge, in exchange for code-breaking squirrels.


In an online poll about the impact of the documentary Blackfish, “one single Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) accounted for more than 54 percent of the votes … the owner of the domain name and company that address belong to was none other than” (

Congratulations on achieving moral, technical and publicity incompetence.


“One excerpt shows a group of dolphins nudging and chewing on a pufferfish, causing the fish to release its defensive toxins. They then pass the fish around, take in the toxins and appear to go into a trance-like state.” (

Taking enough toxin for recreation without harming yourself shows more intelligence than certain other species.