“In rural Kent, a farmer reported last week that he had lost a contract worth £16,000 after broken glass, probably hurled into a field from a passing car, was found in his oat harvest; prams, fridges and carpets were dumped on a quiet road in Dover; and hedgerows around Appleby, near Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire, were found to be thick with rubbish. In four years, residents have voluntarily collected more than 2,400 sackfuls of fast food and other rubbish dumped in nearby lanes.” (

As national austerity is set to continue, who can afford to waste reusable items, let alone pay extra for one-use packaging? Like the hedgerows, some folk are ‘thick with rubbish’.

Keep thick books out of rubbish: |


“The dumps and waste burn-offs, blamed for abnormal levels of cancers and other diseases among local residents, have been a lucrative source of income for the Naples mafia, known as the Camorra.” (

Where there’s muck…