“The phase-out of class D halogen light bulbs was due to take effect from September next year … The European Commission proposed to postpone the final stage based on industry‚Äôs concern, backed by some member states, that LED technology would not be ready to replace halogen lamps by 2016. … But recent studies have shown that efficient LED bulb replacements are already available on the market.” (

How many EU politicians and industry lobbyists does it take to change a light bulb?

Two weeks till the UK general election. Here’s a simple quiz to help you find the political party closest to your views:


Glass “made from niobium oxide, which darkens when exposed to current,” and coated with “nanoscale crystals of indium tin oxide” which absorb heat-producing radiation when exposed to current, allows electrical control of the light and heat transparency of windows. (

Electrified windows won’t have a fingerprint problem either.