Clue in the Name

“In Poole, the area designated for new housing is already at threat from flooding. Plans were approved to build 1,350 new homes on the site of a former power station.” (

Not so much a brownfield site as a marsh.


“The same low-ground farmers who suffer most from the impacts of beavers are also the ones that are responsible for the many negative environmental impacts caused by intensive agriculture, such as topsoil depletion.” (

Those with depleted topsoil often make low-ground decisions.

Please sign the petition to save the free beavers of Scotland.


“They ended up having to fetch chickens out of trees where they’d taken refuge from the floodwaters, and bring them into the restaurant – to the consternation of the chef.” (

Soupe du jour: poulet de la mer

(Did they float or fly? Ingenious creatures.)