Average Motion

“Cuadrilla said it appreciated the tremor [of 2.9 magnitude] had ’caused concern for local people’ and said ‘it is worth noting that this event lasted for around a second and the average ground motion recorded was 5mm per second. … This is about a third of that permitted for construction projects.'” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-49471321

However, there is a much higher requirement for destruction projects.


“Fracking companies are using social media surveillance carried out by a private firm to strengthen their cases in court by discrediting activists using personal information to justify banning their protests. …
By applying for injunctions against “persons unknown,” the fracking companies prevent individual protesters from being able to defend their case in court as individuals. This potentially gives the companies a litigious advantage.” https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/vbj4qb/how-fracking-companies-use-facebook-surveillance-to-ban-protest

Fracking companies tried to infiltrate the groups with a high pressure mix of water, sand and corrosive chemicals, but didn’t even succeed in creating any splinter groups.

Alleged myths

“A [UK government] Business and Energy Department spokesman said: ‘There are a lot of myths about the alleged risks of fracking that are not backed up by evidence, and this survey shows that the vast majority of people asked said that they do not know a lot about it.'” https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/aug/03/public-support-for-fracking-in-the-uk-at-record-low-official-survey-reveals

UK government: not listening to experts; not listening to citizens.

Farcicological Dig

“All this nonsense is a substitute for a simple proposition: stop digging. There is only one form of carbon capture and storage that is scientifically proven, and which can be deployed immediately: leaving fossil fuels in the ground.” (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/sep/27/fracking-digging-drilling-paris-agreement-fossil-fuels)

Hands up those government politicians who want to stop digging. You’ll have to stretch so I can see you above that hole you all seem to be in.


In England, following government action, “more than 100 ‘license blocks’ – each an area of around 10km by 10km – have been handed over to fracking companies. These companies are now able to begin the process of submitting planning applications for fracking.” (http://www.foe.co.uk/news/large-new-areas-opened-fracking-risk-government)

The plan is to turn large areas previously mined for coal, and already subject to dangerous subsidence, into giant sinkholes. Yorkshire, for example, can then let’t water floood aht throough 2000 perforations. Climate Change flooding problem solved.

Confract Lens

“Cuadrilla like to point out that polyacrylamide is used for everyday purposes, for example in contact lens solution. This is a diversion – the risk from polyacrylamide doesn’t come from skin contact, it comes from being ingested into the body. Contact lens solution isn’t something you would want ending up in a cup of tea. … [Similarly] lying on sand on a beach – clearly not dangerous – [is not comparable to] fracking workers exposed to conditions where they breathe in levels above occupational silica exposure standards. This makes as much sense as saying you cannot drown in water because we drink it.” (http://www.foe.co.uk/blog/fracking-company-complains-about-anti-fracking-leaflet)

A company must be desperate to try to bamboozle us with this nonscience.

Please email your MP to ask them to oppose plans to frack in national parks and important sites for wildlife.

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“Fracking is set to be banned on two-fifths of the land in England being offered for shale gas exploration by the government. … A government source said: ‘Everyone still wants to get cracking, but they realise you have to take people with you and that is filtering through.'” (http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/feb/02/fracking-set-to-be-banned-from-40-of-englands-shale-areas)

Like Chinese whispers, the message filtering through to the government from the people is ‘crack off’.


“Unconventional oil and natural gas [fracking] operations release large amounts of reproductive, immunological, and neurological toxicants, carcinogens as well as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) into the environment that may negatively affect human health.” (http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_round_up/2677207/miscarriage_and_stillbirth_linked_to_fracking_chemical_exposure.html)

The inconvenience of any such negative effects is generously compensated by the cash that fracking companies offer local communities.


Despite 40,000 objections, “new laws will now be passed giving automatic access for gas and oil development below 300m.” (http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/sep/26/fracking-trespass-law-changes-move-forward-despite-huge-public-opposition)

“As the cleanest fossil fuel *gas provides a bridge to much greener future. … By removing barriers to deep underground drilling access, we are speeding up oil and gas and deep geothermal energy exploration.” (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-to-remove-barriers-to-onshore-oil-and-gas-and-deep-geothermal-exploration)

Like the old idiom, barriers (homeowners) will cross that bridge (fossil fuel) when it starts burning.