“The EU’s long-awaited move to put the brakes on biofuels is a clear signal to the rest of the world that this is a false solution to the climate crisis. This must spark the end of burning food for fuel.” (

Moving to brake and sparking an end, on top of oily fuels, is a clear signal of farce.


“The tumbling oil price has led to a trebling of insolvencies among UK oil and gas services companies so far this year, while £55bn of further oil projects [are] reportedly under threat.” (

Trebled insolvency despite liquid b-assets.


“The agreement [the Science Museum] signed made absolutely clear that the museum and its expert team retained total editorial control [over the ‘Atmosphere’ exhibition], and Shell not only respected this, but made very helpful inputs.” (

Should read ‘helpfuel pollutants’, also known as ‘venting to atmosphere’.


“Indonesia’s national airline, Garuda Indonesia, says it will start mixing palm oil-based biofuel with its jet fuel as part of an initiative to ‘reduce’ carbon emissions.” (

By 2020 it plans to complete the conversion to mahogany wood-stoked engines.


“Think about wastes, such as sewage or landfill waste as resources – not problems to be disposed of.” The stumbling block has previously been large indigestible complex biopolymer molecules. Now US biotechnologists may have developed “a genetically engineered strain of yeast that simultaneously breaks down xylose [large sugar molecule] and converts acetic acid [vinegar] to fuel.” (

If only there was a way to set this yeast on the Great Pacific garbage patch without just converting it to a Great Biodiesel Slick. Beer would be acceptable.