Slow Ice

“If a connoisseur is willing to part with serious cash for a tumbler of 50-year-old scotch, … why wouldn’t that same customer opt for a high-end [glacial] ice cube? Because it was formed under tremendous pressure, it is extremely dense and melts more slowly than manufactured ice.” (

Whisky, not glaciers, should be on the rocks.

Frozen Wasteland

“Human excrement is a bigger problem than the oxygen bottles, torn tents, broken ladders, and cans or wrappers teams left behind. … Human waste piling up over decades … posed a health hazard to people dependent on water from rivers fed by the region’s melting glaciers.” (

A bigger problem than yellow snow.


As nearly 200 governments meet in the Peruvian capital, Lima, to thrash out a draft deal to cut carbon emissions in a bid to ward off more global warming, high in the Peruvian Andes, a region prone to earthquakes, “scientists warn that if a giant chunk of ice from the Hualcan glacier breaks off it could trigger a tsunami-like wave.” (

The tropical glacier of Damocles.