Cosmetic App

“The [genetically modified] apples are identical to their conventional counterparts except the flesh of the fruit will retain a fresh appearance after it is sliced or bruised.” (

Who has an appetite for covering up the bruises of fruit abuse?


“A lack of consumer acceptance killed the last genetically modified potato. Monsanto introduced it in 1995 and quietly canned it in 2001.” (

There should be more noise about sneaky canned GM vegetables!


“Corporate food and agriculture interests put $36 million into anti-[GM]-labeling campaigns in the two [US] states. … Backers of labeling mustered only $8 million in Oregon and $895,000 in Colorado to campaign for passage.” (

Genetically modified mustard labels don’t cut it.


“Some have estimated that tinkering with Rubisco [the enzyme responsible for converting carbon dioxide into sugar] and ways to boost the concentration of carbon dioxide around it could generate up to a 60% increase in the yields of crops such as rice and wheat.” (

Tinkering: the watchword of genetic modification.


“Brachiaria grasses have been found to inhibit the release of nitrous oxide [largely from livestock production], which has a more powerful [climate] warming effect than carbon dioxide or methane … [However] the extra productivity could provide an additional economic incentive for the clearance of forests and – as with all monocultures – the proposed expansion of brachiaria pastureland poses a challenge to biodiversity.” (

Whatever, so long as we can keep eating our horseburgers.


“Making weedy rice more competitive could exacerbate the problems it causes for farmers” as well as threatening genetic diversity. (

Gene pool unwittingly drained by agrochemical meddlers intending only to pull the plug on indentured clients.