“The [European Parliament] resolution additionally demands strict limits on ‘pre-harvest’ applications [of glyphosate] on crops, with a strong recital calling such uses ‘unacceptable’. This refers to the practice of spraying crops up to two weeks before harvest to ‘dessicate’ the plants and make havesting easier.
Pre-harvest application of glyphosate is a clear route for human exposure to glyphosate via the harvested crop.” (

Surely this is alimentary reasoning.


“New varieties, innovative growing methods – including the use of LED lights … [and] climate-controlled glasshouses have allowed growers to extend the season for British strawberries. As a result, British strawberries are now available from March to December.” (

With all the nutritional value and flavour of wet toilet paper.


Given that “we need 2,500 kilocalories (kcal) each per day … the world’s total edible crop harvest could supply 4,600 kcal per person per day. However, of this 1,400 kcal is lost or wasted. A further 1,700 kcal is used as animal feed. But – crucially – the resultant meat and dairy products only provide 500 kcal for human consumption.” (
If we put less of our global food crop into overeating, the bin and animal feed, we could feed the projected population of nine billion in 2050.

Also perhaps we don’t need two billion extra people.