Freed not breed

“In a statement, SeaWorld said it was disappointed by the conditions attached to the approval of its Blue World expansion, set to open in 2018, which would triple the size of existing killer whale enclosures.
‘Breeding is a natural, fundamental and important part of an animal’s life and depriving a social animal of the right to reproduce is inhumane,’ the park said.” (

Easy to confuse ‘breeding’ with ‘freedom’.

Please help WDC stop airlines transporting captured dolphins.

Stop airlines transporting dolphins - WDC Infographic
Ask Star Alliance airlines to stop transporting dolphins from drive hunts. Please sign our petition today! Visit our campaign page and help us stop airlines transporting dolphins from drive hunts to marine parks.


“82 percent [of Americans] said that the inability of killer whales to engage in their natural behaviours while in captivity is a ‘convincing’ reason to end this practice, with 57 percent saying it is ‘very convincing’.” (

A little less convincation, a little more action*.

*Yes, I appear to be referencing Elvis.