“Toy giant, Mattel has announced that it is stopping the production of all SeaWorld-branded merchandise, including SeaWorld Trainer Barbie dolls … partly due to growing unrest over the treatment of orcas in captivity.” (

It had become too difficult to explain the danger of psychologically dysfunctional captive orcas to the dolls.



“Sandra, because of her captivity and exposure to human beings for her entire life, is what primatologists call an enculturated ape. … The needs of an orangutan are easy to determine based on studies of orangutans in the wild. … But are there some choices and preferences to which Sandra has a right?” (–ethical-ape-col03.html)

And would her choices be as doomed as those made by us, the enculturating apes?


“An orangutan held in an Argentine zoo can be freed and transferred to a sanctuary after a court recognised the ape as a ‘non-human person’ unlawfully deprived of its freedom.” (

A suitable sanctuary might be a library.
Bless Terry P.

Primate Facie

“An Albany appeals court ruled on Dec. 4 that primates cannot be afforded legal rights because they do not understand the responsibilities that follow.” (

The primate who brought the case denounced the kangaroo court.