“The decision to give the green light to Hinkley [Point C nuclear plant] surprised many, as in January the European competition commissioner, Joaqu√≠n Almunia, who retires on 1 November, had earlier overseen a heavily critical report on the subsidy arrangements proposed by DECC [Department of Energy and Climate Change]. But he said he had changed his minds after making some changes to the original proposal.” (

The both of them that he was in?



“The ongoing problems at Heysham 1 and Hartlepool [nuclear] reactors, taken offline last month, forced Centrica, a 20% owner of the atomic fleet with EDF, to issue a profit warning.” (

A new definition of fuel poverty.


“Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) officials confirmed that they were ending the right of politicians to veto a nuclear waste dump in their area. … There would have to be a ‘positive test of community support’ before any repository could be built.” (

But not a test of community-elected representative support.


“Over the weekend the archbishop of Canterbury … waded into the row over energy prices, warning that the latest wave of hikes looks inexplicable.” (

Even divine representatives have no explanation for our power generation strategy.


“Tokyo’s final pitch in the city’s bid to host the 2020 Olympics” will include explanation that “in seven years’ time, 2020, [radiation from Fukushima] will not be a problem at all.” (

Likely not performance-enhancing anyway.


“Melting sea ice has also opened up new shipping routes. Russia is now advertising the Northern Sea Route, which cuts the journey time from China to Europe by up to two weeks. … ‘Though you will need to pay for a nuclear-powered icebreaker.'” (

A step up from a snow-blower.