“California’s first-in-the-nation state ban on single-use plastic grocery bags … has triggered a harsh reaction from plastic bag manufacturers. … ‘You just take it back to the grocery store and stuff it into a container and it gets recycled,’ said Jon Berrier, a spokesman for the American Progressive Bag Alliance, which is funding the effort to repeal the ban.” (

A berrier for progress?


“A visitor to the [Scottish] Western Isles photographed a rare red-throated diver with a plastic bag in its beak. … It is depressing to think that plastic bags are even reaching remote lochans in a place like North Uist.” (

The red-throated diver is threatened by the expanding range of the mainland white-polythene carrier.


“An increase in demand for bags for life was expected in Wales following the introduction of the charge [for single-use plastic bags], as consumers got used to reusing their bags and purchased enough bags for life for their shopping needs. However, there is a potential risk that many consumers start treating a low-cost reusable plastic bag as a ‘throwaway bag’ and discard it prematurely.” (

Consumers who thus pervert the environmental purpose of the scheme are now required to place a reusable bag over their head before disposing of the contents.