“The true scale of the slaughter of pangolins in Africa has been revealed by new research showing that millions of the scaly mammals are being hunted and killed.
Pangolins were already known to be the world’s most trafficked wild mammal, with at least a million being traded in the last decade to supply the demand for its meat and scales in Asian markets.”

Large scale poaching.


“Using a microchip reader, the authorities were able to identify three of the confiscated tortoises as among those stolen in October from a wildlife sanctuary in central Myanmar. This was possible because the stolen tortoises had identification numbers and religious markings on their shell, and microchips embedded in them.” (

The tortoise sect has declared slow but delicious revenge upon the poachers.

Poached Pegs

“Using newly developed powders, fingerprint experts were able to lift some useable prints up to 28 days after they were deposited on rhino ivory, hippo teeth and sperm whale teeth.” (

Dentists beware.


“Two weeks ago the largest seizure of ivory and rhino horn in Mozambique’s history was made from the house of a Chinese national in Maputo. The 1.3 tonnes were poached from 65 rhinoceros and 170 elephants. … Thieves have [subsequently] raided a police storeroom holding Mozambique’s largest ever haul of confiscated rhino horn and ivory, making off with 12 horns valued at around £700,000.” (

This week’s special: double-poached horn, helping to keep illegal animal products out of the waste stream.


South Africa has “moved around 100 rhinos to unspecified neighboring states as part of efforts to stem the illicit slaughter of the animals for their horns. … For security reasons, the precise countries where the rhinos had been moved would not be named.” (

Where do you hide a rhino? Well away from dark horners.


“Elephants are worth 76 times more when they’re alive than dead, according to a new analysis … conducted through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s iworry campaign.” (

Iworry: a campun you can put your weight behind.


“The Janjaweed, the Lord’s Resistance Army, Al-Shabab and Boko Haram … [the authors claim] have all been involved in poaching ivory and rhino horn to fund terrorist attacks.” (

This is what happens when 70s prog rock bands go bad.