“The Chancellor has just effectively put a carbon tax on carbon free electricity, which will mean fewer renewables and more uncertainty for the industry.” (

Snappy name: car-bon, like ‘good car’. Have I stumbled upon the fossils fuelling this oxymoron? Or am I just another fool who’ll be paying it?

Billionding Obvious

“Europe could have saved itself $100 billion by installing solar power panels in sunnier countries and wind turbines in windier places,” reported the World Economic Forum. (

How much did the report cost?


“One of the advantages the fossils still have over renewables is capital.” (

An apposite label for geologically embedded industry representatives embracing the erosion and ultimate extinction of their energy market share like a continent welcoming drift.


“A trillion dollars of investments in various oil and gas projects around the world are at risk – or stranded – due to the fall in oil prices.” (

However, “the current pipeline of renewables projects will be ‘more than adequate’ to hit the decarbonisation target” in Scotland. (

Bonus points for reusing the pipe.


“A subsea cable – which would be 1,000km long and sunk to depths of 1,000 metres – could meet 1.5% of UK electricity demand … [from] the highly reliable potential energy in Iceland’s hydro dams.” (

Provided the cable can be constructed so as not to be susceptible to the marine equivalent of geese flying into it.