Castanet castigation

“Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw hit back, drawing comparisons with the 2014 consultative referendum held in Catalonia without the permission of Madrid. Mr Carlaw said: ‘The SNP’s only reason for existing is to rip Scotland out of the UK. That’s why the party refuses to rule out any means of achieving this, including a nonsense Catalan castanets consultative referendum.

A Scottish Conservative deputy deputy was quick to point out that ‘Catalan castanets’ was an expression of respect and appreciation toward a European neighbour.

May be or May be not

“‘So what I’m saying today is she says it is not the right time for a referendum,’ Sturgeon [said] told the BBC. ‘I actually agree with that. I am not proposing one now. We’ve set out when we think it would be right.'”

Prime Minister May may have meant May, but made her main point arcane, whether making May the right time to remain, or May maybe not what May maybe meant.

(I hope you enjoy a little diversion from environmentalia – I could argue about environmental activism being strongly tied to progressive politics, but really this material was too good to pass by.)