Deaf to Death

“In a May 2012 report on sonar use, the navy said acoustic sources and sonar more than 2.5 million times annually exposed marine animals to sounds considered ‘disturbing’, while around 500 times a year marine animals were exposed to sound levels that were considered to result in injury. … Even when stranding does not result, military sonar can cause hearing loss and internal injuries to marine mammals that results in death, even if the animal does not end up on shore.” (

‘National Security’ sounds awfully like ‘Irrational Cruelty’.


“Grey snapper [fish] larvae are acoustically active during the night. … The larvae produce ‘knock’ and ‘growl’ sounds similar to the adults. … However, exactly how they produce these sounds and any other functions they may provide are still unknown.” (

Further research is needed to confirm that the full acoustic range of these fish is in fact ‘snap, crackle, pop’.