“After years of investigations into the big supermarkets using their muscle to squeeze farming suppliers, … frequent sharp and unpredictable rises and falls in milk price are driving dairy farmers out of business every week.” (

A supermarket representative resolved to squeeze them till the teats squeak.



“The aggressive buying practices of some of the big supermarkets have got even worse … and … their current price wars are exposing the UK to further food crime.” (

I find that highly unmilkly.


“The Les fruits et légumes moches (inglorious fruit and vegetables) initiative offers misshapen fruit and vegetables at a 30% discount … with slogans including ‘hideous orange makes beautiful juice’.” (

Tres chicory.


Tesco’s banned advertising campaign which attempted to mitigate the horse meat scandal “ended with the line: ‘We know that our supply chain is too complicated. So we’re making it simpler … Seriously. This is it. We are changing.'” (

When asked to comment, a horse neighed, “BOGOF.”