“Its Hywind turbine, mounted on a ballasted vertical steel cylinder that floats upright and is anchored to the seabed, has a unique navigation system developed by Statoil to keep it in the position.” (

That would be the anchor.


“Several [US] state governments are forging ahead with their own ambitions for offshore wind farms, and commercial developers say that they could start planting turbines in the ocean as early as next year. … But before the field can take off, proponents will have to prove that offshore wind can compete financially against other energy sources, and can clear the thicket of state and federal regulations that govern projects in coastal waters.” (

As offshore wind power becomes an exploitable resource, these crop allusions will need a turbine harvester.


Researchers into the impact of sound from marine energy generation devices have “blasted fish at volume levels that the animals would experience if they were effectively strapped to the turbines for 24 hours. [The animals seemed only to suffer] some tissue damage, equivalent perhaps to what a teenager would experience at a rock concert.” (

Developers and environmentalists have agreed to name the field of marine turbines Marillion.


The proposed site of a large-scale wind farm “is completely encircled by globally important peatland habitats, protected under European and Scots law. The area proposed for development would have been given similar protection were it not for inappropriate planting with conifers in the 1980s.” (

Some wag arranged the trees in blatantly pornographic poses and from a nearby hill their placement clearly spells ‘arse’.