Driving Down Plastic Waste

“The friction, pressure and heat of driving wears tyres down so much they produce an estimated average of 63,000 tonnes per year of plastic dust in the UK alone.” http://theconversation.com/ten-stealth-microplastics-to-avoid-if-you-want-to-save-the-oceans-90063

Please select your preference:
1. breathe
2. drink
3. eat



“A large dairy in Washington state, Cow Palace Dairy, polluted ground water by over applying manure to soil. … The district court ruling, if upheld, could affect any large livestock facility that produces more manure than it can responsibly manage.” (http://uk.reuters.com/article/2015/01/17/us-usa-pollution-manure-idUKKBN0KQ00F20150117)

Spokesperson Baron Bovine said, ‘for mega-dairies, the shit has hit the land.’