“The trees appeared to have died suddenly. … Drill holes at the base of the trees [indicated] that a poison ā€“ most likely glyphosate ā€“ had been poured into these holes.” (http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blogs/woodland-trust/2015/07/trees-poisoned-in-lancashire-woodland/)

Monsanto’s glyphosate: now the poison of choice for arboricidal maniacs already intoxicated by drinking too much milk.


“Some of [McGuire’s] recent research refutes claims that glyphosate, an herbicide often used on GM crops, accumulates in breast milk; it relies on an assay developed with assistance from Monsanto. Still, McGuire says, ‘Iā€™m a milk-lactation researcher.'” (http://www.nature.com/news/gm-crop-opponents-expand-probe-into-ties-between-scientists-and-industry-1.18146)

Monsanto-funded development of glyphosate milk products has yet to find any market as few consumers rate weedkiller yoghurt drinks as dietary supplements.