“Promote a co-ordinated approach to Trap-Neuter (vaccinate) and Release (TNR) of feral cats in priority areas.” (, page 8)

“Any individuals which are obviously feral domestic cats, non-native or unfit for release will bedispatched according to standard predator control practices, by the land manager, as per estate norms. Dispatch with a 12 bore shotgun using number three shot (lead shot not to be used overforeshore or wetlands), positioned 5m from the trap, aiming at the head and front of shoulder, is recommended.” (, page 21, last para)

(See for discussion.)

Spot the difference. Spot the involvement of land managers.


“Decades of persecution by gamekeepers meeting their landowners’ desires for grouse or pheasant conservation for hunts, meant that by 1914 wildcats had been wiped out across the British and Irish Isles in all but the North and West of Scotland.
When the landowners and gamekeepers went off to fight in the First World War it gave the wildcats a break and they began to expand back into the rest of Scotland.” (

Has government considered allowing game shooters to fight terrorists? This would be much more fun for them and give our wildlife a break. Win:win.

Please sign the petition to ban driven grouse shooting.


“Anything that looks roughly two-thirds wildcat will be classified as a wildcat. … The Scottish wildcat … cannot stand to be around humans or their habitats.” (

I’ve just been reclassified. Is there a support group?