Writer, researcher and biophile seeks to engage with witty news bites.  Comments welcome.

Cicely was born and educated by cunning hyphens in Kinross-shire, Scotland, and continues to totter around Crumbling Glen. Cicely’s closest companions are a typewriter and some chickens.
If you’re interested in commissioning the sound plunk in this scenario, please direct an electronudge and one of them will be delighted to jab a key.

Affiliate links I insert are to ethical companies I use that are relevant to the published content – http://paidforadvertising.co.uk/

August 2014

Cicely joined the Remote Research Group for Ethical Consumer. Who would’ve thought meanders around environmental news could be useful?

nullOctober 2013

Cicely was tremendously flattered to be immortalised for 12 minutes in Cornish coast. Kudos to the Sandy Phalanges of Pisky.


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  1. Hi,

    I’m Maddie, editor of the environment section at the Urban Times (http://urbantimes.co/).
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