“There has been a 97% decline in semi-natural grassland in England and Wales.” (

Not so much a slope as a cliff.


“American scientists are racing to develop chickens that can cope with scorching heat.” (

Sounds half-baked.


“Already, over two billion people around the world regularly eat insects.” (

In my case, unintentionally: the insects gulp from a glass of water, shortly before I do.

The article then ascends toward an Abbott and Costello sketch, “fourteen percent of Americans count themselves as foodies—people who, says Why, ‘will probably eat the grasshopper that looks like a grasshopper’,” before suggesting, “we also need to think about a bottom-up approach.”

To food?


“Carpets of bluebells transform many of Scotland’s woods … There is a great network of recorders who look for signs of seasonal change in their local area, but we could always use more to maintain a phonological record that goes all the way back to 1684.” (

If you haven’t heard bluebells tinkling or hawthorn grunting, now is your chance.